Networking at the bench? Make connections now.

In both academia and industry a large part of professional success depends on the important ability to network effectively. Networking isn’t just about handing out business cards, asking for referrals and attending meetings. Networking is the development and maintenance of mutually valuable relationships and today you can begin developing relationships by participating in social media (like this blog).

I know, I know, you want to meet other scientists, right…Well, many scientific journals and magazines are adding social media aspects that provide the opportunity to begin developing important relationships online.

Here’s a free blog area from the Nature that I found recently.

Here’s what you can do on it:* Create your own personal profile page and describe yourself and your research.
* Set up a group for your lab, department or institution.
* Join and have discussions with group members.
* Build your own online network of likeminded people.
* On the city pages, search listing of upcoming seminars and conferences.
* Browse local jobs listings.

Check it out. If you are already using it-let us know your experience.

Finally, it is always important to begin building your network BEFORE you need it! So even if you decide not to participate in this network, try to connect with just one person today. (Hey, you could like to me on my LinkedIn network if you haven’t already done that…)

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