What to do if CEO points out YOUR mistake?

As part of The Public Speaker,  I did an episode on recovering from a communication blunder. In it I mention a time that my CEO pointed out a mistake I had made.

Today I read this short article.

Help! The CEO Found a Huge Error in my Sales Presentation!

I thought he had good common sense advice.  He starts the article by asking you what you would do if you had a factual mistake in your presentation and the mistake came directly from your primary contact.

Bottom line?

Geoffrey says, all presentations should be delivered with genuine curiosity.  I agree, especially today where the expectation for presenters is no longer “sage on the stage, but guide at the side.”  Besides, with prevalence of mobile devices, it’s likely someone in your audience can help by supplying the “right” fact.

I just thought it was a good reminder –after all it’s not really knowing WHAT to do that is the hard part.  The hard part is to remember this when you are under pressure; to react gracefully, respectfully, and professionally when someone points out YOUR mistake.

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