What to Say on Twitter – An example

Today I saw this twitter message. I thought it was a great example of communicating effectively on Twitter.

John Zajaros 6:46am

Got a call last night from a client. Called me from home to chat & set up an appt! Another gave me a hug when we met Saturday! Intangibles!

Why was this an good example of what to say on Twitter?

Well, it was a perfect blend of personal and professional and it shared the person’s values. It gives John credibility because he mentions two clients. Not only clients, but VERY HAPPY clients. So we know that he is not just blowing smoke but that he has clients.

The best part of the post however was that he shared his VALUES with us. He shares his delight in getting a hug. This tells us he does what he does because he’s passionate about the work. We know he’s genuine.

Now that’s authentic, genuine communication that will go a long way to building his brand. Way to go John! (And no I’ve never met John, I just happened to notice his post in my stream.)

Learning how to communicate effectively on Twitter is an art and John seems to have a good grasp on that art.

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