Examples of Keynote Speeches

What makes a keynote speech different from any other type of speech?

  • It’s motivational or inspiring
  • It’ s emotional
  • It’s pragmatic
  • It’s humorous
  • It’s  FULL of stories
  • It’s s energetic
  • It repeats a simple message or call to action
  • It’s customized for each particular audience

Here is an examples of keynote speeches that follow most  of the rules above.  In my opinion, it’s a bit short on stories. But it wasn’t written by the person that delivered it, so perhaps that why?

Here’s another keynote speaker that I find hits the target.

Finally, I can’t write a post and not include the guy that inspired me to become a keynote speaker.




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Mark Kaigwa

Thanks for these great examples, Lisa and glad to hear we share an admiration for Mr. Ziglar.

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Patricia —

I am unable to see any of the videos.  They appear as three black boxes

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Klane Stone —


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James F Kunduno —

No example is given on key note address

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Tahir —

Its very helpfull, thanks.

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Mukai Henrieta Kumirai —

Truly inspiring & motivational speeches!
Loved them! Thank you!

Zig Ziglar is a genius!

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