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Jeff BrownReading Is A Great Way Learn Leadership
I think one of the best ways (and most inexpensive ways) to develop your leadership skills is through books and podcasts. I love learning new things. For me, though it’s particularly great when I am able to apply what I’ve learned and I see a positive result!

That’s why I love Jeff Brown’s new podcast, Read to Lead.

Check-out A New Podcast – Read to Lead
And recently Jeff Brown invited me to talk about my latest book Smart Talk on his Read-To-Lead podcast. By the way, I liked his podcast before he invited me to be on so it was exciting for me to do the interview.  (Hint, Hint, if you want to learn some of what I talked about, you can listen to the interview!). But that’s NOT the reason for this post.

In fact, I’ve had many, many interviews and I rarely make a separate blog post about interview. (Often, I’m lucky if I have time to promote those interviews on social media, let along an entirely separate blog post).

I’m writing this post, because Jeff’s interview was different.

How to Do Guest Interviews Like a Pro
Jeff was incredibly professional, fun, and an engaging. I think you can learn from how he conducts the interview. You can see how he makes the guest feel comfortable, how he asks questions that highlight the content of the book giving his listers a taste of the content while “teasing” the rest of the content in the book. I was definitely impressed with his interviewing skills. I enjoyed our interview so much, I even extended an offer to him to co-host a episode of The Public Speaker! I rarely do that, so that is a testament to quality of his work!

I love what he brings to podcasting. He’s an x-radio guy–both on-air and program manager which means he’s a great communicator and he’s smart.

Here’s the interview he did with me.

You can find his podcast at

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Jeff Brown

Wow, Lisa! Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed being on. That means a lot.

I too had a great time working on The Public Speaker episode. Thanks for inviting me to do that.

You are awesome!


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One of the best resources out there is absolutely free… the public library. It’s a goldmine of information, not just about leadership, but most any topic you find interesting. Go, and get lost in a good book.

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