Who Interrupts More? Men, Women, and the Truth About Interruptions

I wrote a series of articles for The Public Speaker podcast on interruptions. The series was inspired by an email I received from Joe C. a listener of the show.  He told me that he was working with a new boss, a woman, and that she constantly interrupted. He wanted some ideas on how to handle the situation.

So I first wrote a piece on Why People Interrupt.  I started with that because many times just understanding why someone interrupts can help a person to either better tolerate an interruptor or can help someone who interrupts to reduce this behavior.  Next I wrote a piece that talked about some techniques you can use to gently (and not so gently) stop someone from interrupting you.

Finally I wrote on interruptions and unconscious bias associated with interruptions. It was titled: Who Interrupts More? Men, Women, and the Truth about Manterruptions.   That was my favorite of all three.  In fact, it was featured on Stitcher and earned over 80K downloads in one weekend!  It was the most popular episode I’ve ever thanks to the exposure from Stitcher. I’m hopeful that the episode convinced some people to subscribe to the show.  We’ll see.

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