How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This week, I watched the TED talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek. He is the author of Start With Why. The message of his talk aligns exactly with the title of his book. He asserts that successful companies not only understand why they do what they do, but also they successfully communicate that why to both customers and prospects.

For sure, piece of cake…Don’t use idioms

Tian, the intern, has been pointing out my language choices these past few weeks. It’s kind of odd, I feel like my word choices have been put under a microscope. It’s interesting I’ve spent considerable amount of time living with non-native speakers but this was the first time I ever realized just how many times i use idioms in my everyday speech.

Free images for your content

This summer, I’ve been helping my daughters Ariana and Daniela (and my intern Tian Hai) to learn how to create a website. I found it funny that the first question that each of them had was, “How do I find images that I can use on my website?”

Before I answered,  I felt the need to discuss copyright and creative commons.

Tale of Two Interviews – Which is better?

Since January I’ve been doing radio and podcast interviews in an effort to promote my new book, Smart Talk. I’ve also written episodes of The Public Speaker that discuss how to conduct an interview (as the interviewer) and how to deliver an interview (as the interviewee). I prefer to be the one that conducts interviews but I also enjoy delivering interviews.

I Still Get Nervous!

This week I found myself preparing for two very important mini-presentations. I was surprised when I felt my heart racing just before delivering these presentations. I was nervous (and I rarely get nervous) because these were personally important presentations.

Free Webinar

Smart Talk: Making Powerfully Persuasive Presentations

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pump up your persuasive power and register now this free webinar! When asking others for their time or money you need to be prepared, that is, if you’re going to get the answer you’re looking for! It takes time, thought, and knowledge to effectively condense your ideas into crisp, compelling messages.

Are Your Recommendations Five Star?

In today’s reputation economy, professionals, like products, are rated and judged based on recommendations. How do I write a LinkedIn recommendation or a recommendation in general? Do you have examples or samples I can see? 

The best recommendations is something that could only have been written by you because it is genuine, very specific, and descriptive.

Why your conference calls suck!

Question: How do I get people to pay attention and participate during our conference calls?

Let’s face it. Most conference calls suck. Participants mute their phone and start responding to email or start working on other projects. That’s why I recommend that you implement (Lisa) Marshall Law for better conference calls: add more structure and use engagement/facilitation techniques.

Cute baby pictures mess with your brain! Find out how!

It’s true. Cute baby pictures can make your brain feel like you’re on drugs! Really.

I keep THE MOST adorable baby picture of my twins on all of my devices and I also keep a hard copy of the image in my wallet. I’ve been doing this for years. Most people keep pictures of their kids with them because they love their children.

Good Reasons Not To Delegate

Question: I’ve read many experts say that managers must delegate. I’ve also read that managers that don’t delegate won’t last long. But aren’t there things you shouldn’t delegate?

Absolutely. Some things are just too important to hand off. Are you handing off responsibilities that should stay with you? Learn what not to delegate.

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