What exactly is a blog?

What exactly is a blog?
Should I be blogging?
What it the time commitment involved with creating a blog?
How often should I blog?
What content should go in my blog?
How long should the blog entries be?
How should the content be written?
Should I hire a professional editor for my blog?

These and other questions will be answered in a new series.

Ace Your Interview Cover Design

Cover for Ace Your Interview Ebook

Thanks to Jessi Rios, our new design intern who created this as the cover of the Ace Your Interview eBook.

Do You Have A Success Story to Share?

Listener Erik Lehman sent me an email yesterday.  He graciously gave me permission to share what he learned from The Public Speaker with you.

Here’s what he wrote, “Running away from stressful situations makes them more stressful. Running toward them makes one grow into a realization that these situations are not really stressful at all.

Should We Be Able to Connect Freely?

“(41%) said they are restricted from using Facebook at work while 35% are restricted from using Twitter at work or on work devices. 28% are not allowed to use instant messaging and one in five workers are not allowed to send personal emails on work machines or during work hours”.

Here’s the full study:

Marshall Law for Conference Calls

This week on the Public Speaker I talk about tips for improving your conference calls.  You can listen to this fun, free, episode here or if you prefer you can read a quick summary below. After the summary I cover a few controversial points…to mute or not to mute, then to chat or not to chat.

You might be surprised by what I have to say…

First and foremost a conference call is a MEETING.

Effective and Productive Business Meetings

This week on the Public Speaker I talk about how to plan and deliver effective and productive business meetings.  Here’s a quick summary of the episode, but you can listen to the episode here. (It’s less than 10 minutes time.)

Know and state the purpose of your meeting.  Meetings are good for coming to resolution.  If you are sharing information perhaps another approach is better.

Public speaking review

One way to improve as a speaker is to listen to others and think about what they did well and what they could have done for improvement. Here’s your chance.

Listen to an interesting talk then see if your review agrees with mine.

Peter Busby is a well-known architect specializing in ‘green’ design. You only need to listen to the first few minutes to understand my review.

Introduction to Expert Presenter Workshop

I hope you’ll indulge me! I spent all day working on this introduction (when I should have been reviewing contracts and sending out invoices!).

Improve your talks using video comments

This past fall the University of Pennsylvania hosted a symposium for biomedical postdocs and they wanted me to provide feedback for a few of the presenters. I wasn’t able to attend, so I asked them to record and upload the video using This is a tool I started using about six months ago and I LOVE it.

What makes you nervous?

In my presentations, I often talk about overcoming speech anxiety. But the reality is that people get nervous in a variety of communication situations for a variety of reasons. Some people get more nervous meeting strangers, while others get more nervous in small groups, while others are more nervous during meetings.

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