Increase Your Influence and Maximize Your Impact

Because you are first-level LinkedIn connection, I am offering you an invitation to my upcoming Influence to Maximize Your Impact webinar and a free DISC communication style assessment profile.

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To be very clear, this is NOT a sales pitch webinar (it is jammed packed with high-value content) and the DISC profile is the full online version I offer to my clients ($100 value).

Influence to Maximize Your Impact Webinar

In today’s organizations, persuasion trumps formal power. To get things done, you need to be able to sway the undecided and convert opponents.  The ability to bring others to your way of thinking without force or coercion is important to leadership and business and is a learnable skill.

In the Influence to Maximize Your Impact webinar you’ll:

  • Learn the research behind the six primary principles of influence: liking, reciprocity, commitment, scarcity, social proof, and authority
  • Learn practical strategies for using these principles of influence in the workplace and in presentations
  • Learn the power of story for influence and inspiration

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Being aware of yourself, your communication style and the impact you have on others is vital to being a person capable of influencing. Though you may be an expert and prepare your persuasive communication, if you don’t know how others view you and your messages you will not be successful.

As a added bonus, I am also providing those who register for Influence to Maximize Your Impact the opportunity to also get their free DISC profile.

More than 2 million people have taken a DISC assessment to better understand their style (behavioral and personality). Do you know your roadblocks to achieving the results and success you desire? Organizations that I work with often request this DISC profile for high-potential employees and high-performance teams to help them identify and maximize their strengths.

For a limited time I’m offering this $100 assessment to you FREE of charge along with your registration in our Influence to Maximize Your Impact webinar.  Again, this high-value, high content webinar and free DISC profile are only being offered for a very limited time to my first level LinkedIn contacts free of charge.

Enter your information below to take the assessment and to receive the webinar registration details.  

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Read what others are saying about Lisa and her programs: 

“I heard Lisa give a workshop on scientific communication. I have heard quite a few presentations on this topic and address it peripherally in my own workshops. Lisa’s presentation was the best I have seen – without a doubt. Her style is humorous without being flippant, insightful without being pedantic.” CEO of PAX Water Technologies, Inc. Author and Lecturer of Put Your Science to Work Peter Fiske.

“I enjoyed Lisa’s sense of humor and real life examples. It was clear that she had a great deal of experience.  The most beneficial was the part of how to get audience’s attention immediately and how to appear passionate about your topic.  I really liked the fact that Lisa contacted me before the seminar to tailor it to fit my needs.” BioRexis Pharmaceutical Corporation, Workshop Participant. M. Richter

“One of the issues that our postdocs face is their ability to present the work that they have devoted their lives to. Lisa, in her specialty with scientists and science in general, is the expert in this field.  She has been working with us since 1997.  She has continually upgraded, reformed and improved all of her skills and techniques and has brought them to our post-docs and we have plans to continue our work with Lisa.  She brings an enthusiasm, a skill and a knowledge of science unequaled to those in the same field…the results have been dramatic; especially with our foreign nationals…” University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine Mary Anne Timmins.