Other delivered Programs

Here is a complete list of programs that I have delivered (slides, audio, or video may be available upon request):

Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Industry Specific:

(For many years, I specialized ONLY in biotech/pharma industry. The programs below are very specific to biomedical/pharma industry. Ask for program descriptions.)

  • Slide Design for Science and Data Heavy Presentations
  • Developing a National Reputation (Academic Professional Development)
  • Better Scientific Presentations
  • Art of Speaking Science
  • From Stress to Success: Handing the Q&A and other difficult situations
  • Art of Networking for Scientists
  • How to Build Your Online Presence to Advance Your Career
  • Art of The Academic Job Talk
  • Art of Academic and Industry Interviewing
  • Art of Poster Presentations
  • We Have to Talk! Managing Conflict (Hospital Specific)

Other Programs

Public Speaking and Training

  • Art of Speaking
  • Powerful Presentations for Architects, Preservationists, and City Planners
  • Powerful Presentations for Engineers and other technical staff
  • They’ll Never Check Email Again: How to make presentations engaging and interactive
  • Social Media for the Professional Development Trainer


  • How to Gain the Winning Edge in Sales with Better Communication
  • Engage, Influence and Sell with Stories


  • Building and Strengthening Work Teams
  • We Have to Talk! Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • The “F” Word: How To Deliver Restorative Feedback


  • Steal From Yourself: Repurposing Your Content