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LisaBMarsall is The Public SpeakerBelow is a sample listing of institutional customers, however, clients also include individual professionals (all levels) in industry and academia.

Listen and read for yourself what great things her clients have had to say about the high quality of the services!

New York University School of Medicine, R. Tillman, Ph.D.
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Thank you for your fun, wonderful and enriching presentation on giving good science presentations at NYU SoM this past Tuesday…Your ability to focus on the high-impact aspects of good presentations in general and to incorporate the facets that are unique to giving memorable and effective science presentations are invaluable to the young scientists who attended.  Your enthusiasm for the topic and concern for the audiences’ learning were also palpable and led to a highly motivating atmosphere.

Seminar Participant, Mathieu Tamby, Ph.D.
Lisa B. Marshall is an expert in Communication and she is passionate about it. She directed a workshop on the art of networking for post-doctoral researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. She truly understands what matters the most for scientist and researchers both in academia and in the industry. She keeps her knowledge up to date by interacting with professionals. I had a wonderful experience with her personal training. I fully recommend Lisa B. Marshall.

Lori Conlan, NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education
Lisa is one of the few people I know who can educate scientists about improving their communications at the appropriate level. She understands their typical situations (job-talks, seminar, conference speakers) and their typical barriers (too much information, engaging the audience.

University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Dir. of Adm Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs, Mary Anne Timmins
Click here to listen the entire referralOne of the issues that our postdocs face is their ability to present the work that they have devoted their lives to.  Lisa, in her specialty with scientists and science in general, is the expert in this field.  She has been working with us since 1997.  She has continually upgraded, reformed and improved all of her skills and techniques and has brought them to our post-docs and we have plans to continue our work with Lisa.  She brings an enthusiasm, a skill and a knowledge of science unequaled to those in the same field…the results have been dramatic; especially with our foreign nationals…

Thomas Jefferson University, Asst. Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs
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I just wanted to thank you once again for your seminar at Jefferson.  The postdocs and especially the students seemed to really enjoy your presentation.  I look forward to working with you again next year.

University of Pennsylvania , Workshop Participant
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I first attended one of Lisa’s larger scale presentation seminars two years ago and I was just blown away by the quality of her presentation and the suggestions she had. The ideas that she presents in her seminars are impressive… I learned alot of good skills from Lisa in in terms of the design of the presentation…the content of the slides, the flow, what makes a good presentation from a bad presentation, where you should look and how to interact with the audience…I’ve learned alot and I have really enjoyed them…

Harvard University Medical School, Professor of Cell Biology, Junying Yuan, Ph.D.
Thank you very much for visiting us last week. The postdocs and faculty who attended enjoyed your program last week.  I think I learned as well.  I like your very lively style of presentation…there are already talks to invite you in at another time, perhaps with another department together.”

Northern AIDS Regional Training Center, Leslie Cook
I would categorically recommend Lisa Marshall for any public speaking, teaching or training program.  She’s more than capable, she’s sensitive to community values and issues.

Author / Lecturer, Peter Fiske
I heard Lisa give a workshop on scientific communication at a Symposium for Post-docs in Philadelphia in 2006. I have heard quite a few presentations on this topic and address it peripherally in my own workshops. Lisa’s presentation was the best I have seen – without a doubt. Her style is humorous without being flippant, insightful without being pedantic. She helps audience members discover their own speaking styles and illustrates her points with very effective examples. Many professors think that they are fully capable of delivering a valuable and effective lecture on scientific communication (I’ve heard a lot of them). I wish that instead they would engage the services of Lisa Marshall. She’s a real pro on this subject – and very reasonably priced, compared to others I have seen.

Division of Infectious Diseases, D.Linkin, MD
The most important think I learned was how to better structure a talk.  In particular the concept of an opening and intro with the specific examples.  The section on the importance of non-content issues (eye contact) was also important (I have heard this before, but it was good to have it reinforced from another source).  The specific examples of how to do things were especially helpful (e.g. the openings).  This is why we wanted to the slides: even after hearing them, they are not obvious to us, and we’ll need them as reference when planning our own!  I don’t think there were any sections that I would cut.  I would strongly recommend this program.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, P. Cohen, MD, Professor of Medicine
Your talks were a smash hit with me and all of my colleagues with whom I’ve spoken.  With regard to the particularly beneficial elements, your points about slides were especially useful, particularly the critique of “real” slides.  The advice regarding organization of talks and the section on handling disasters were important areas nobody ever helped me with…I would recommend this seminar with great enthusiasm to colleagues elsewhere.  And, overall, I think you provided a valuable service that somehow is overlooked in educating medical faculty.  Thanks and keep up the good work.

University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, F. Wilkinson, PhD.
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Lisa B. Marshall is an effective, clear communicator who is capable of teaching one of life’s most important and elusive skills–public speaking…I have been able to apply her tips and suggestions and I can see a big improvement.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Associate Director, Faculty Professional Development, Mary Blitzer Field M. Phil
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One reason her program was so well received was that her material was fresh and far from generic, as opposed to the material of many vendors with whom I am familiar.  Before the program, she solicited samples of slides from our faculty and worked them into her own presentation.  The result was a highly customized program with examples tailored to faculty in medicine.   Another reason our faculty enjoyed her presentation is the Lisa is clearly “comfortable in her own skin.” As a result, faculty who are typically introverted and occasionally antagonistic opened up and engaged in an easy give-and-take with her.  This inter-activity made the session fly by.

Thomas Jefferson University
V. Hintze – Seminar Participant

Very helpful for polishing my future talks! Thank you so much! Compelling!

Thomas Jefferson University
K. Kahle – Seminar Participant

Attended last year–returned to pick up more fine details.  Very helpful!

Thomas Jefferson University
M. Kratz – Seminar Participant

Very helpful that it was geared toward science.

Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center
Y. Miyata  – Seminar Participant

So many practical tips to overcome my problems, especially based on Lisa’s experiences.

Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center
S. Harris  – Seminar Participant

This entire session was VERY, very useful for me…everything today was new, unique and exceedingly helpful. The Q&A tips were by far the most beneficial.  No one ever goes over this and it is SO important.  Disaster management was good too.

Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center
N. Clegg  – Seminar Participant

Very practical and empowering.  I found the poster delivery example and tools for dealing with Q&A issues beneficial.  Thanks!  Invite Lisa back.

Locus Pharmaceuticals
G. Gomez  – Workshop Participant

Enjoyable and went quickly.  Great energy and control.  Excellent organization. Interactive.

LIfeSensors, Inc.
A. Karna  – Workshop Participant

Very good!! Entertaining and very informative!! I appreciate your passion!!

Genentech, Inc.
D. Strauss  – Seminar Participant

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Genentech a few weeks ago, and I though I might take you up on your offer of being a LinkedIn connection.

Genentech, Inc. Seminar Participant
I really appreciated the information in this session. I’ve had very few opportunities to actually learn anything about giving good presentations and I now feel that attending this event has brought me up to speed. I will certainly use the tips in the future. Also, Lisa was a very engaging speaker which made the talk fly by.

Genentech, Inc. – Seminar Participant
Entertaining speaker. Clearly presented ideas. I felt I learned something.

Genentech, Inc. – Seminar Participant
Engaging, effective and fun.

Genentech, Inc. – Seminar Participant
It was really helpful. I will try to improve my presentation according to the workshop. Thanks!

Genentech, Inc. – Seminar Participant
The information regarding how to organize a talk and make effective slides was very helpful.

Genentech, Inc. – Seminar Participant
I thought it was a great event. I wish I could have spent more time with Lisa.

Genentech, Inc. – Seminar Participant
Very useful presentation and advice. Thanks.

BioRexis Pharmaceutical Corporation
M. Richter  – Workshop Participant

I enjoyed Lisa’s sense of humor and real life examples. It was clear that she had a great deal of experience.  The most beneficial was the part of how to get audience’s attention immediately and how to appear passionate about your topic.  I really liked the fact that Lisa contacted me before the seminar to tailor it to fit my needs.

Genentech, Inc. – Seminar Participant
Very useful advice. Lisa told us about some of the research that has been done on what techniques are most effective for getting your point across during an oral presentation, which I thought was pretty neat.

Many more references on file and available upon request.