How to give a good talk.  How to make better presentations. How to make find great images.  How to find great quotes.

Academic/Research Talks:

Art of speaking science
Blog dedicated to technical communication skills

Top ten tips for biomedical presenters
Free audio seminar with slides

How to give a good talk
Basic article–a good place to start

How to give a good talk – slides
Slides from Simon Peyton Jones of Microsoft

Simon Peyton Jones Links
Links to many resources including speaking and writing

General Presentation Help :

Presenters University
Articles and short tutorials

Presenters Online
Short articles and resources like clip art, sound clips and tips

Presentation Pointers
Articles and tips on all aspects of public speaking

Online Tutorials (a little dated, but still good)
Developing an effective oral presentation
Designing effective visual aids for presentations

Images and Graphics :

Inexpensive and good for general images!

high quality images –  my favorite

hig quality images – very low price (like above)

similiar to above – slightly more expensive

high quality images


high quality images

Fee (mid range to expensive)

high quality images – general

Crystal Graphics
PowerPoint templates and images – general and medical

Russell Kightley Media: Scientific Illustration & Animation
Science medical images

Custom Medical Stock Photo
Medical images

Indexed Visuals
Large selection of medical images

Long list of sites for medical  photos/graphics

Free (worth checking out)

Morgue File
Free photos


General quote, style books, references and more

Reference for quotations

Open Chemist
Scientific quotes

Science Quotes
Famous quotes about science

Moderating a Panel:

A Call for Moderation
Blog entry from F. Catalano on how to moderate a panel

How to Effectively Moderate a Panel
Article by P. Fripp

How to be a Great Moderator
Article by G. Kawasaki

How to Effective Moderate a Panel
Article by R. Morgan

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