Would you ask a lawyer to deliver a baby?

Of course the answer is no, instead, we depend on experts with highly specialized training and years of experience.

With over a dozen years of experience working with institutions like Harvard University, Genentech, and Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center I created an interdisciplinary evidence-based approach to professional development. My programs are informed by the best available evidence from a wide variety of research disciplines including (but not limited to) quantitative and qualitative studies from communication, psychology, social and cultural anthropology.  All programs are very practical and use examples drawn from participants.

But don’t take my word for it…here’s what a Peter Fiske, PhD a nationally-recognized author, lecturer, and scientist said about one of my programs…

I have heard quite a few presentations on this topic and address it peripherally in my own workshops. Lisa’s presentation was the best I have seen – without a doubt. Her style is humorous without being flippant, insightful without being pedantic. ” — Peter Fiske, PhD. Author, Lecturer, Scientist

Take the five minute challenge!

Choose a clip below that looks interesting and ask a “good communicator” to listen. I am confident that even your best communicator will learn new things in just five minutes. (Especially when it comes to communication skills, people often don’t know what they don’t know.)

Listen and see for yourself the value an expert brings.

Do you dread the Q & A?

In this clip I address what can be the toughest part of a presentation:  answering questions from the audience.  I’ll talk about how to be smooth and professional.  Excerpt from live presentation at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Ramblers, Stage hogs and curmugeons (Oh my!)

In this clip I provide specific guidelines to handle the stickiest situations you might face during your Q & A period… the rambler, the stage hog, and (heavens no) the hostile questioner. Listen to find out how to handle these and other problem questioners during your presentations.

How to answer what you do in 30 seconds or less
Have you ever bumped into someone at a meeting and you were at a loss for words?  Those everyday impromptu interactions can make or break you. Become a more credible professional and master the hallway talk.

Here is a video clips (unedited from conflict resolution program at Johns Hopkins Hospital):

What do Barbies and conflict management have in common?

Popular Topic Snippets:

(I’ve developed many customized longer programs, engagements, and events that incorporate these topics. )

How To Introduce Yourself
How to Decide When to Say No
What Are The Best Ways to Say No
How to Choose Happiness

How To Write Better LinkedIn Recommendations
How to Deal with Difficult People
How To Be a Great Guest Speaker
How to Tell Better Stories
How to Connect With Your Audience Through Storytelling

How To Start A Conversation

Finally, if you are still undecided, I would like to extend a personal invitation.  I invite you to join me at my next presentation.  See the presentation live in the room or via streaming media.  Just ask.

My evidence-based, practical approach works — especially with highly trained professionals. But don’t take my word for it…click to listen to a current client that has hired me many times over the past ten years! In fact, the director of this institution, an excellent communicator, was dead set against hiring me, until he “took the challenge”.

“There is no else that comes close to her quality of presentation and depth of knowledge that she has…we can’t imagine finding anyone else of equal quality…

For sample client listing and more references click here.