Stop Mumbling & Pronounce Words Clearly

Why We Mumble and Slur Words
“How do I stop mumbling and pronounce words more clearly?” is a very common question I’ve heard from clients over the years. But before I directly answer the question about better diction, I think it’s important for you to first think about why you mumble.  So here are the primary reasons people mumble.

1.  “I’m focused on something else.”  It’s pretty simple.

How To Project Your Voice

Project Voice and Increase Volume

Project My Voice Step One: Test
“How do I project my voice?” is a very common question I’ve heard from clients over the years. To them, they think they are speaking way too loudly–as if they are screaming, when they really are speaking quite softly.  To find out if this is you…ask a trusted friend to stand in the back of a room. You say, “This is test A of my volume.

Stories for Women in Leadership

I stumbled across this keynote speech today. It was delivered by Kristen Pressner, VP, Head of HR Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin American for Roche Diagnostics. In this speech I am struck by her honest, educational, and inspiring stories that mirror the feelings and emotions of many women leaders that I have talked with.

Communication – Argh!!!

Well, I have to say this is funny video because it is so true! This happens all the time and is EXACTLY why I created my business. Poor communication, particular when discussing a “technical” issue can lead to wasted time, poor decisions, and of course, wasted money. Having the ability to communicate in a clear, concise, compelling manner is essential to the success of your business.

Invention Project – My Young Entrepreneurs

Today, I spent several hours researching possible inventions! Why? Well, my daughters were assigned an invention project for school. Parents are allowed to help as long as the idea is their’s to begin with.

Not surprisingly, each of my daughters came up with an idea for organizing stuff. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!). I never really realized it, but I’m a bit of an organizing nut.

How to Make Connections with the Audience

This week I had fun listening to Nigel Marsh’s talk How to Make Work-life Balance Work. Nigel is an author of Fat, Forty, and Fired and Overworked and Underlaid. He talks about the cliche “work-life” balance and how we can actually make that happen.

How to Talk More Interesting and be Memorable

This week I watched the talk by Dan Gilbert called The Surprising Science of Happiness. I learned that the happiness was not what people usually think it was. Dan explains that when people don’t get what they want, we make up our own “synthetic” kind of happiness.

Public Speaking Skills for Academics

My birthday is this week and it’s hard for me to believe that I started delivering public speaking program for academics (engineering, biotechnology, and medicine) in 1992 — over 20 years ago! When I first started all of the faculty and even the students were older than me, now, as much as it pains me to admit this, I am older than the postdocs and even sometimes even older than the faculty!


Can Brain Training Reverse Aging ?

I think I may need some brain training! Some mornings it feels like my body gets out of bed, but my brain slept in. I’ve gotten dressed with my shirt on backwards, I’ve worn two different shoes to delver a presentation (in my defense they were very similar), and I’ve forgotten to take my phone with me –so many times, I can’t count.

How to Listen Better

Listening is of the most important skills we need to develop as a leader.  Accurate and careful listening to others and quiet, listening to ourselves.  It’s funny we teach speaking skills, but we usually don’t actively teach listening skills, well at least most people don’t.  In our house, listening was an emphasized skill.

Growing up, family dinners were the norm.

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