How to take the hell out of hello!

Is introducing yourself something you’re not quite sure how to do? Would you like to take the hello out of hello! Here’s my first attempt at a haiku deck. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Transition Words

I wrote a document for a client of mine many years ago about transition words. Transitions are the key to an excellent presentation.  It’s what ties together the elements into a complete story.

I’m killing myself because I can’t find the file or the blog post.  It got lost somehow.  So I am trying to recreate the document.

How Fast Do I Speak? (Update)

I answered a Quora Question:

For the average person speaking at a normal pace, what is the typical number of words they can say in one minute?

I am a professional speaker and podcast host and I speak at approximately 145-160 words per minute (wpm), while many sources state that average American English speaker engaged in a friendly conversation speaks at a rate of approximately 110–150 wpm

Michael Bay Meltdown Teaches What Not To Do

Oh my gosh, I was stunned.   What happened to Michael Bay? A very well respected communication professional, director Michael Bay, was thrown off when the teleprompter failed during a live presentation at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.  He was there to promote a new television from Samsung and unbelievably he chose to leave the stage leaving behind the executive from Samsung alone on stage.

10 Ways to Annoy Your Colleagues with Email

An episode of The Public Speaker that I wrote was posted to today.  I was told it “did well” – I’m not quite sure what that means. This was one of those episodes that I wrote because I really was annoyed.  I had just received an email from someone with a red emergency flag.  Why do people do that?

Here’s a screen print.

Smart Talk Podcast is Now Live

It has been a very hectic last couple of weeks, but finally I got a chance to update this post. I am very exited with the launch of my new podcast Smart Talk: Inspiring Conversations with Exceptional People.

I Will be Speaking at the New Media Expo 2014!

I will be a speaker on the topic of “Ladies, Start your Microphones: By Women Podcasters, For Women Podcasters” on Sunday, January 5 from 2.30pm to 3.15pm.

Be Confident At Christmas Parties

A Gift For You and Me

I love holiday time, especially when I receive a surprise gift.  Today, I got a Google Alert that let me know Erin Kelly included me in a short article she wrote for Psychologies (it’s a big magazine in UK and other European countries).

Of course, I was honored to be included in this short piece on how to be confident at holiday parties.

What Do You Do if You Ended a Conversation Awkwardly? – Featured in The Global Post

I’m delighted to be featured  by Arlin Cuncic in her article What Do You Do if You Ended a Conversation Awkwardly? on The Global Post. Arlin read my article on the Quick and Dirty Tips website called How to End a Conversation and mentioned one of my tips in her article.

How to make incredible presentations? – Referenced by Juventud Kehila

I’m thrilled to be referenced by Juventud Kehila in his article about presentations called, “How to make incredible presentations?”. The article was written in Spanish. If you’re non-Spanish speaker, the 5 main points are the following.
1. Identify your anxiety
2. Be brief
3. Listen to critics
4. Prepare for the unknown

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