Discussion Questions: Why Fish Don’t Exist

Are you looking for discussion questions for April 2020 book, Why Fish Don’t Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life by Lulu Miller?  Lulu is a fellow podcaster who at one time was a writer and producer at Radiolab and co-founder of Invisibilia; two of my favorite podcasts.  I had to read it! I found the book so unique that I encouraged my book club to read the book too.

Want to Hook Your Audience? (Of Course You Do!)

What’s the most important part of a presentation? You guessed it, it’s the opening. It’s at that moment that you either hook your audience or you lose them.

How Stories Can Change Our Lives

If you’ve read even a few of my writings (books, blogs, newsletters) you know I’m really big on storytelling. The truth is, our brains are wired for stories. Science is now proving what life experience has always shown: we feel before we think. It’s stories that attract us, stories that help us learn the most, stories that get us to buy, or click, or act.

Meet Nimisha Ladva.

Meet the Master Shredder

I’d like you meet Master Shredder Emma.  Emma is a 21 year old woman in Australia who has Down Syndrome, autism, and hearing loss, and can neither read nor write. And yet, with some guidance from her mother, she has a very satisfying career and is interacting happily with members of the community. This has not only enriched her life, but theirs as well.

Who Interrupts More? Men, Women, and the Truth About Interruptions

I wrote a series of articles for The Public Speaker podcast on interruptions. The series was inspired by an email I received from Joe C. a listener of the show.  He told me that he was working with a new boss, a woman, and that she constantly interrupted. He wanted some ideas on how to handle the situation.

So I first wrote a piece on Why People Interrupt.

Stop Mumbling & Pronounce Words Clearly

Why We Mumble and Slur Words
“How do I stop mumbling and pronounce words more clearly?” is a very common question I’ve heard from clients over the years. But before I directly answer the question about better diction, I think it’s important for you to first think about why you mumble.  So here are the primary reasons people mumble.

1.  “I’m focused on something else.”  It’s pretty simple.

How To Project Your Voice

Project Voice and Increase Volume

Project My Voice Step One: Test
“How do I project my voice?” is a very common question I’ve heard from clients over the years. To them, they think they are speaking way too loudly–as if they are screaming, when they really are speaking quite softly.  To find out if this is you…ask a trusted friend to stand in the back of a room. You say, “This is test A of my volume.

Stories for Women in Leadership

I stumbled across this keynote speech today. It was delivered by Kristen Pressner, VP, Head of HR Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin American for Roche Diagnostics. In this speech I am struck by her honest, educational, and inspiring stories that mirror the feelings and emotions of many women leaders that I have talked with.

Communication – Argh!!!

Well, I have to say this is funny video because it is so true! This happens all the time and is EXACTLY why I created my business. Poor communication, particular when discussing a “technical” issue can lead to wasted time, poor decisions, and of course, wasted money. Having the ability to communicate in a clear, concise, compelling manner is essential to the success of your business.

Invention Project – My Young Entrepreneurs

Today, I spent several hours researching possible inventions! Why? Well, my daughters were assigned an invention project for school. Parents are allowed to help as long as the idea is their’s to begin with.

Not surprisingly, each of my daughters came up with an idea for organizing stuff. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!). I never really realized it, but I’m a bit of an organizing nut.

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