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I stumbled across this keynote speech today. It was delivered by Kristen Pressner, VP, Head of HR Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin American for Roche Diagnostics. In this speech I am struck by her honest, educational, and inspiring stories that mirror the feelings and emotions of many women leaders that I have talked with. We need more women to tell their stories so that we can model the mindsets, the actions, and principles of successful leaders to help us unleash and amplify the successful leader that is already inside of us!

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Kristen Pressner —

Thank you Lisa, for sharing and for your amazing comments. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to my speech and am truly energized by how helpful women find honest stories from ‘real’ women. Let’s plant a tree today!

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Ivy Baker

As a woman, I would love to learn more about women in high-level leadership positions. I also like that her stories are honest. Those always high home more with me then exaggerated stories do.

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