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With event travel budgets tighter than ever conference organizers and event planners are being asked to deliver more value to their audiences than ever before.  As you know, big ideas from big name motivational / public  speakers are nice, but they don’t necessarily attract a bigger audience or provide what your conference attendees want.

If you want an engaging and highly interactive professional speaker who is truly able to connect with your participants, I’m a good choice.  If you also want your delegates to walk out with practical ideas and actionable recommendations and have fun in the process, hire me.

Because of my speaker pre-program audience analysis process, I am incredibly good at understanding the client needs and culture.  Delegates will often say, “She really understands what we do. Does she have a background in X?”

The bottom line: I provide very practical, evidence-based techniques delivered in a fun, engaging way that resonates with the audience and ensures that delegates get results! Guaranteed.

Since the only thing I have to sell is my reputation, I will only deliver programs that I’m confident will be successful.  In fact, I guarantee it.  Really, I have a money-back guarantee, but nobody’s ever asked for a refund–that’s a testament to the quality of my work.

Our Smart Talk programs:

Smart Talk programs are proven programs that have been delivered and well-received by our clients. In fact, many of these programs have earned the highest evaluations of all programs at conferences and the even the highest ratings within organizations and institutions. Our Smart Talk programs are updated each year to reflect the latest research and to reflect the latest trends.  All programs can be delivered in a variety of formats with varying levels of interactivity.

Influence: Maximize Your Impact
There’s no doubt about it, influence trumps formal power. Strong persuasion and influence skills are critical to success as a leader. You need the ability to sway the undecided and convert opponents. You need the ability to authentically bring others to your way of thinking without force or coercion. Strong influence and persuasion skills are how you advance and achieve your goals. (This is Lisa’s most popular topic.) This program covers:

  • What are influence, persuasion, and manipulation
  • The research behind the six primary social and psychological principles of influence that are based on thousands of tactics of successful persuaders
  • Practical strategies for using these principles of influence in both persuasive conversations and persuasive presentations
  • The power of story for influence and inspiration (only included in longer programs)

Powerful Presenter: Clear, Concise, & Compelling Presentations
This is the first of a two-part series on public speaking for professionals.  Examples are drawn from your delegates.  (This is a top five most popular topic in 2015.) In this program delegates will learn:

  • How to plan, to structure, and to organize presentations (specific to industry/company/field of study)
  • Methods to improve the attendees’ presentation style including: eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, transitions, and language choice
  • Guidelines for creating, designing, and refining slides using sample “before and after” slides drawn from your industry/company/field of study.

Powerful Presenter: From Stress to Success 
This is the second of a two-part series on public speaking for professionals.  Examples are drawn from your delegates.  In this program delegates will learn:

  • Techniques to overcome speech anxiety
  • Methods to effectively handle the Q&A session by learning how to open and end the session, structure responses, handle hostile questioners and difficult questions
  • How to distill work history into clear, concise, practiced statements for networking with colleagues and loose connections
  • Guidelines for handling a number of difficult presentation situations (e.g., you have less time than you thought, you lose your train of thought mid-sentence, etc.)

Mediocre to Memorable: Effectively Designing and Using Slides for Presentations
In this evidence-based program delegates will learn the how and why of effective slide design. (This is a top five most popular topic in 2015.) Delegates will learn:

  • Top 5 PowerPoint Annoyances from “Annoying PowerPoint Survey”
  • Rules of minimal essential data for data heavy presentations and for business presentations
  • The assertion-evidence or “billboard style” of slide design and why it’s the most effective and memorable
  • A practical process for refining and enhancing slides
  • Before and after examples highlighting proper graphics: image selection, image manipulation, font choices, title graphics, charts, and common mistakes

Competent and likable!  Effective Communication For Women Leaders
This program focuses on the unique challenges professional women leaders face as communicators and provides evidence-based strategies and practical advice to effectively flex communication style to achieve objectives. (This is a top five most popular topic in 2015.)
In this program delegates will learn:

  • The most recent research on gender bias, gender stereotypes and the double bind
  • How to promote and highlight accomplishments in an effective manner (hint: not through self-promotion)
  • How clothing and attractiveness impact promotability
  • The necessary balance of the smaller range of behaviors (than men) to achieve the best results
  • Learn practical tips for successfully communicating warmth and strength
  • How to create a positive first impression through expressions, eye contact, gestures, voice, and physical distance
  • How to shake hands
  • How to deal with people who interrupt
  • How to ask for a raise or promotion (optional content for longer programs)

Tightrope Negotiation: Women Must Ask The Smart Way
If women act too feminine and don’t negotiate, they end up with lower salaries.  If they act too masculine and ask, people don’t want to work with them.  In the workplace, women walk a tightrope between being too feminine and too masculine, especially when it comes to negotiation and influence.  In this session delegates learn:

  • The current status of women in leadership
  • The latest research of workplace gender bias  and the impact on women’s influence
  • Evidence-based solutions for more effective influence for women
  • A practical 9-step process for workplace negotiation

Networking Fundamentals 
A large part of professional (and personal) success depends upon the ability to develop and maintain mutually valuable relationships.  From landing the ideal position, to developing collaborations and advancing within an organization, networking skills are critical to achieving those goals.  In part one of this series participants will:

  • A unique definition of networking that reframes the concept in a manner that resonates with participants
  • Why building and developing professional relationships is important at all career levels
  • How to introduce themselves and their work in a clear, concise, compelling manner via Lisa’s name tag model
  • How to join and gracefully exit a conversation group
  • How to get the most out of a conference
  • Why social media is for professionals and how to get started

Social Media Networking 
Many professionals feel hesitant (or overwhelmed) regarding the use of social media for professional purposes. This program explains how professionals can efficiently and effectively harness online resources for their benefit.  (This is a top five most popular program in 2015.)
In this second part of the networking series participants will learn:

  • The benefits of an online presence and why it’s important to manage your online presence
  • Practical examples of how social media enhances professional networking of all professionals
  • Demonstrate advanced features of LinkedIn to help increase visibility and credibility
  • Provide an overview of the tools and online resources for managing social media

The “F” Word: Improving Performance Through Effective Feedback
Although feedback is the best way to improve productivity, managers are often reluctant to deliver it. In this program delegates learn:

  • The difference between criticism and feedback
  • A 9-step proven process for delivering feedback
  • How to diffuse and accept criticism
  • A 7-step process for handling criticism

Here is a full listing of all of the programs I have delivered and can be requested.  I offer academic, non-profit, and corporate pricing levels. I travel from Philadelphia (PHL).

Additional Negotiated Benefits Available
To help you reach your goal of “butts in seats” I’m happy to provide some or all of these additional benefits.

  • Personally inscribed copies of my best-selling book Smart Talk
  • Ebook copies of Smart Talk or Ace Your Interview or Sharpen your Smart Talk
  • Unlimited downloads of the official discussion guide, Sharpen your Smart Talk (ebook)
  • Helpful “handout” materials for attendees in addition to PDF of slides
  • Topic related 500-800 word article for your newsletter
  • Promotion to Lisa B. Marshall newsletter
  • Promotional Lisa B. Marshall social network
  • Promotional audio or video
  • Exposure on  The Public Speaker podcast (exposure to >150,000 subscribers)
  • Promotion to my Smart Talk professional development briefing
  • Pre-event “meet-up” or webinar
  • Additional breakout session workshop
  • Fill an emergency opening in your schedule
  • I am flexible and fun to work with!