Want to Hook Your Audience? (Of Course You Do!)

What’s the most important part of a presentation? You guessed it, it’s the opening. It’s at that moment that you either hook your audience or you lose them.

“Have you ever done anything…stupid?”

That’s how the 2013 Toastmaster’s World Champion started his winning presentation; and I bet you’re curious to know what stupid thing he did, aren’t you? I know I was when I heard it!

The June issue of Toastmaster Magazine featured a 4-page article I wrote called How to Hook Your Audience. In it I demonstrate the power—and the perils—of different kinds of openers.

Toastmaster’s Magazine – How to Hook Your Audience

If you ever do presentations, you know those first few minutes are crucial. How are you going to grab your audience’s attention and make them want to hear what you say? How are you going to get them to empathize with you and take the journey with you? That’s what I covered  in this article–and as a bonus there are links to several winning Toastmaster’s talks. And be sure to watch out for problems that can arise when using these powerful methods. I explain them in my article, too.


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