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Discussion Questions: Why Fish Don’t Exist

Are you looking for discussion questions for April 2020 book, Why Fish Don’t Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life by Lulu Miller?  Lulu is a fellow podcaster who at one time was a writer and producer at Radiolab and co-founder of Invisibilia; two of my favorite podcasts.  I had to read it! I found the book so unique that I encouraged my book club to read the book too.

Making Introductions – Featured in The Chicago Tribune!

I’m really excited to be featured by Heidi Stevens in  The Chicago Tribune. The article talks about how to introduce people properly with tips I provided in my book, Smart Talk.

Sei Smart on German Huffington Post

Today, I opened up my email to find one of my TechWalker (Google alert replacement) Smart Talk (my latest book how to communicate better at work and at home) alerts. I like to know if others are talking about my books so I can thank them for the reviews. Now that Smart Talk, have been translated (Sei Smart)I’m running into a bit of trouble.

Smart Talk Communication Ideas with Diane Helbig

Recently I was interviewed about smart talk communication skills including: how to introduce  yourself, how to develop a conversation, how to deliver feedback, and how to accept criticism.  This interview was based on my recent book, Smart Talk: The Public Speaker’s Guide To Success in Every Situation.  I always enjoy talking about how to develop communication and networking skills.

Smart Talk in Japanese!

Check out Smart Talk in Japanese! I’m so glad Smart Talk is getting translated into more and more languages.

Smart Talk is now in German!

I’m really excited to show you the cover of Smart Talk in German. If you follow my social media, you might have heard about it already. I’m happy that now my book could reach even more people. Click on the picture to check it out on Amazon. This site also gave a recommendation on Smart Talk.

How to Deal with Difficult People

Tom Tenderheart is the CEO of a major widget company. Faced with lower-than-expected third quarter results, he calls a meeting of his nine top executives. At the boardroom table sit Terri Tattletale, Chris Curmudgeon, Ned Know-It-All, Wendy Whiner, Billy Bully, Steve Slacker, Paul Procrastinator, Chad Chatterbox, and Carrie Coldshoulder.

How To Be More Likable (and Successful)

Likability is important to your success. Malcom Gladwell writes in Tipping Point, “sprinkled among every walk of life . . . are a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack of making friends and acquaintances.” Gladwell describes them as having an ability to span many different worlds, subcultures and niches.

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