How to make incredible presentations? – Referenced by Juventud Kehila

I’m thrilled to be referenced by Juventud Kehila in his article about presentations called, “How to make incredible presentations?”. The article was written in Spanish. If you’re non-Spanish speaker, the 5 main points are the following.
1. Identify your anxiety
2. Be brief
3. Listen to critics
4. Prepare for the unknown

Making Introductions – Featured in The Chicago Tribune!

I’m really excited to be featured by Heidi Stevens in  The Chicago Tribune. The article talks about how to introduce people properly with tips I provided in my book, Smart Talk.

Sei Smart on German Huffington Post

Today, I opened up my email to find one of my TechWalker (Google alert replacement) Smart Talk (my latest book how to communicate better at work and at home) alerts. I like to know if others are talking about my books so I can thank them for the reviews. Now that Smart Talk, have been translated (Sei Smart)I’m running into a bit of trouble.

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