Sei Smart on German Huffington Post

Today, I opened up my email to find one of my TechWalker (Google alert replacement) Smart Talk (my latest book how to communicate better at work and at home) alerts. I like to know if others are talking about my books so I can thank them for the reviews. Now that Smart Talk, have been translated (Sei Smart)I’m running into a bit of trouble. I can’t always read the posts! In this case, this Smart Talk link was in German.

Of course, I can’t read German, but when Google does it’s rough translation it looks good to me. It seems @RoterReiter wrote a positive review of the German version of my book. And I think the Ms. Reiter actually read the book, because in her review of Smart Talk, she highlighted a small joke that I included in the book about fishy handshakes. Finally, it seems in German the title was translated to “Be Smart,” which I hadn’t realized until just now. In England the word smart also carries the meaning of well dressed, or professional in addition to intelligence, so I suspect when used in German language it carries that same connotation.

If you are able to read German, can you let me know the title and subtitle translate to? Can you also let me know if my guess about the use of the work “smart” is also true? Thanks!

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