Public Speaking Skills for Academics

My birthday is this week and it’s hard for me to believe that I started delivering public speaking program for academics (engineering, biotechnology, and medicine) in 1992 — over 20 years ago! When I first started all of the faculty and even the students were older than me, now, as much as it pains me to admit this, I am older than the postdocs and even sometimes even older than the faculty!


Sei Smart on German Huffington Post

Today, I opened up my email to find one of my TechWalker (Google alert replacement) Smart Talk (my latest book how to communicate better at work and at home) alerts. I like to know if others are talking about my books so I can thank them for the reviews. Now that Smart Talk, have been translated (Sei Smart)I’m running into a bit of trouble.

Tale of Two Interviews – Which is better?

Since January I’ve been doing radio and podcast interviews in an effort to promote my new book, Smart Talk. I’ve also written episodes of The Public Speaker that discuss how to conduct an interview (as the interviewer) and how to deliver an interview (as the interviewee). I prefer to be the one that conducts interviews but I also enjoy delivering interviews.

Forthcoming Book – Jan 2013

I was always taught that “relationships determine results.” And now I know Lisa’s book, Smart Talk, helps you create those golden relationships!  
– Pat Croce,  New York Time Best-Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur

5-Year Old Makes Clear, Concise Argument!

I don’t know if she was coached, heard this from her parents, or decided this on her own. It’s still a great example, of clear, concise, and compelling argument. She makes her point, she then gives support, and then she makes her point again. She is using the PEP (point, example, point) model to make her argument. She’s also very passionate and uses gestures.

Upcoming Events

Do you wish you had the presentation gene…the one that enables you to efficiently prepare and dynamically deliver your work in a clear, concise, and compelling manner? Unfortunately, there is no gene (not yet).  Instead, this seminar will share essential tips and tools for making better scientific presentations.

Unbelievable and Incredible

This year I decided to invest in publicity training. I went with training from Steve Harrison over at Bradley Communications and so far I have been very impressed with the training.  (I was a HUGE skeptic and fully expected that I would be asking for a refund!)

I’m happy to report that, so far, I’ve been delighted with training.

The Truth About the PodCast Awards

A listener recently said to me, “Ah, I’m glad to hear that you are in it to win it!”  I’d never heard that phrase before, but it’s true.
I’m in it to win it. I’d love to win in the education category of the 2010 Podcast Awards.

But, I’m not going to be able to win without your help.

I need your help! PodCast Award Nominations

Nominate for the

How to Win an Apple iTouch and other great prizes!
[Update: I fixed the podcastawards link…fat fingers! Sorry!]

As you may know, just this past week the computer gremlins accidentally sent out an email from me (it was a repeat message for many of you!). I was so worried that you would be upset with me and instead I received over 100 emails with very kind words of support.

How to Introduce Yourself

People quickly form strong opinions based on first impressions and that is why a well-crafted, strong, self-introduction is a critical part of making a good first impression. First impressions are very difficult change, so it is best when introducing yourself to be confident, strong, and self-aware […]

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