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[Update: I fixed the podcastawards link…fat fingers! Sorry!]

As you may know, just this past week the computer gremlins accidentally sent out an email from me (it was a repeat message for many of you!). I was so worried that you would be upset with me and instead I received over 100 emails with very kind words of support. I can’t tell you how great it made me feel! So what I thought was a “glitch” turned out to be a gift! Thanks so much!

So, since you already gave me gift this past week, maybe you were wondering what to get me this upcoming holiday season?

I have an idea for the perfect gift… It involves first nominating and then voting for The Public Speaker (if my show wins a nomination). Last year with your help, the show did get nominated, but I didn’t win the category. Believe me I was thrilled just to get nominated. I realized after the fact, that I didn’t do a good job of explaining the nomination and separate voting process. Many people thought the nomination itself was the vote. They didn’t realize that after the shows are nominated, there is a SEPARATE 15 day VOTING PERIOD where people vote once a day for their favorite show in each category.

So, I’m asking your for your help. First to nominate the show. (And if my show gets nominated again, I’ll then ask for your vote. (In the beginning of December the voting period will begin. )

How to Nominate a Podcast Show (You can NOMINATE between Nov 7 – Nov 21, 2010):
**Go go to the www.podcastawards.com and fill in the following information:
(For example, hint, hint…)

  • Choose category = Education
  • Enter podcast name = The Public Speaker’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills
  • Enter podcast URL = http://publicspeaker.quickanddirtytips.com
  • Enter your e-mail
  • Enter why you think the show is deserving of being nominated  (e.g. “It’s fun and educational.” Or “I learn tons from lisa b.”

Thanks for you help! (If you’re thinking, “Hey, wait a minute, what’s in it for me, Lisa?”  Keep reading!)


P.S.  If you decide to nominate the show (oh go ahead, it takes less than a minute www.podcastawards.com) let me know. I’ll send you a THANK-YOU GIFT. (Yes, it’s a bribe and yes, I’m going to trust that you really did nominate the show.

And for the first 25 nominations I’ll send an EXTRA SPECIAL thank-you gift!

P.S.S. Oh, and if the show gets nominated and I win the category I’m going to give away A BRAND NEW APPLE iTOUCH along with other great prizes. Let’s show the big guys (like ESPN, NPR, and Comedy Central) that the little guys (and gals) still have a shot at one of these awards!

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Dian Stepanic —

Hey Lisa, I was stuck in traffic this week and jumped into your pod casts, 2 hours later ( still is traffic )but feeling I had made a great discovery… your tips are just what I was looking for. I listen to a ton of Pod casts, mostly medical education, emcrit, Johns Hopkins, ect…As a clinical educator I can not get enough info on effective communication, conflict resolution, critical thinking, competency validation, adult learning stratigies.
Keep up the great tips; I shared your site with my son( Senior at TCU and looking for an internship/job) thanky YOU

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Bernie Mayall

Done, and gladly!!! The podcasts are informative, inspirational and fun! I am happy to nominate.

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I’m all for giving the smaller productions a chance to be in the spotlight. They’re usually better too.
Nominated you and a few of my other favorite podcasts. Best of luck to you.

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Chris Pozza —

Hi Lisa!
I have nominated you for the podcastawards.com!

Now we just have to vote for you in December!

PS. Your Show is wonderful. Great tips and a great listen. Thanks!

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Erik Lehman —

Of course you should be nominated! Great communication is so important this day and age. When a person with the ability and drive to help others on this important topic comes along, they must be recognized. So alas, I have nominated your pod of excellence. Thanks Lisa

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