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I was always taught that “relationships determine results.” And now I know Lisa’s book, Smart Talk, helps you create those golden relationships!  
Pat Croce,  New York Time Best-Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur


From the book Smart Talk, coming to bookstores January 2013!

We’re taught reading and writing in school, yet rarely (if ever), are we taught to be smart about what we say and how we say it.

For example:

·       Have you ever wished you knew specific methods of introducing yourself that will form positive first impressions and lead to strong relationships (and the ways an introduction can limit your chances of ever building a relationship)?

·       Have you ever wished you knew all the specific ways to shake hands that instill confidence and trustworthiness (and the common mistakes that many people make)?

·       Have you ever wished you knew how to move beyond initial conversations?  Beyond collecting friends or fans, to sincerely and effectively engage with people and create significant, meaningful relationships?

·       Have you ever wished you knew what to say when someone is going through a difficult time?

·       Have you ever wanted to deliver effective feedback without using the old “sandwich approach” which, by the way, doesn’t work?

·       Have you ever wished you knew how to respond to hurtful criticism?

·       Have you ever wished you knew alternative ways to say “no” yet still develop and build a relationship?

·       Have you ever wished you knew how to always respond with diplomacy, tact, and grace?

·       Have you ever wished you knew how to deliver difficult news or how to handle a difficult conversation?

·       Have you ever wished you knew what to say when dealing with a bully, a whiner, or any type of difficult person?

·       Have you ever wished you knew what makes a master negotiator different from a novice negotiator?

·       Have you ever wished you knew what to say to effectively persuade and influence others?

·       Have you ever wished you knew how our brains are wired to cause attraction, likability, and trustworthiness?

If you said, yes, to any of these questions, then I know you’ll get tremendous value from this book.  Many of us have vague notions that trick us into thinking we are excellent communicators- after all we communicate everyday. However, most people only realize what they don’t know after encountering a problem…after a relationship has been significantly damaged.

That’s why I wrote this book. What’s been missing from the shelves of your bookstore (or the files on your e-reader) is a communication reference resource, a guide that takes up-to-date communication research and applies it to practical, everyday situations that we all face, and gives smart, step-by-step directions on how to achieve results and success. It answers all the questions above and more!

Think of this book as your “Swiss Army” knife of communication!

Smart Talk is a handy, no-nonsense, skill-building guide for both tongue-tied novices and advanced communicators who have found themselves in hot water (or who want to keep themselves out of it!).

Written for busy professionals, “Smart Talk: How to Make Genuine Conversations, Build Lasting Relationships, and Influence Others” [St. Martin’s Press] offers proven strategies and techniques that have immediate impact in your life and in your career. It offers practical, fresh advice so you’ll have the competitive edge to get things done, big and small, through effective communication.

Using Lisa’s lively, engaging, style and unique sense of humor, she explains step-by-step how to overcome everyday communication challenges such as how to speak with tact and grace, how to say no, and how to deal with difficult people. The book is filled with real-world examples, quick quizzes, warnings, and practice exercises for readers to learn and put into action these vitally important skills.

Backed by solid research evidence and case studies, Lisa translates her decades of experience in the communication field into proven strategies and practical, actionable plans to make genuine conversations, build lasting relationships, and influence others. Remember, when it comes to communication skills, the more you learn, the more you earn.

Early praise from beta readers!

Worried about attending your next networking event, delivering feedback, saying the right thing, making a great impression? Worry no more! Lisa B. Marshall’s latest book is a field guide for being a more confident and effective communicator. Filled with challenges and resources to encourage you to try things out and get results in a way that few other books are able to accomplish.”


“This is an ideal reference guide for tongue-tied individuals like me. It is a communications manual of many speaking situations consolidated into one. Examples, action items, and interactivity… a handy volume all in one. You will probably need to read through it to familiarize yourself with the general concepts and then go back occasionally as a reference guide.


This communication book is practical, resourceful, elaborate. It’s been written in a way that just knows ‘where to put the hinges’ to give a wide and smooth sweep over the subject…a must have for people who are serious about knowing ‘how to make genuine conversation, build lasting relationships and influence others and that’s EVERYONE!”

“Lisa B. Marshall has significantly advanced the literature on business communication with her new addition. This is a systematic review of how to communicate in various, often difficult situations, and is laced with scientific work, anecdotes, and personal stories. It is lively, engaging, fun to read, efficient, and, especially, VERY useful to a busy professional”.


This book is relevant for everyone, from the career professional down to the high-school student. It highlights relevant topics from how to do a professional handshake, to negotiation skills, how to persuade and influence effectively – and much more. This is a must have book for everyone’s quick reference and self-improvement bookshelf.”

“Would make a nice gift for a young person just starting out in the business world or a good self-help selection to anyone looking to improve their relationships. I enjoyed reading it and would surely recommend it to others.” 

  Available everywhere January 2013


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Kathy Rupff

Hi Lisa, Look forward to reading your book!  Just wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your podcasts!  I heard about your via Katie Davis’ blog a few weeks ago, and listen to you all the time. I really appreciate the communication advice!!  THANK YOU and God bless!

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