Smart Talk Communication Ideas with Diane Helbig

Recently I was interviewed about smart talk communication skills including: how to introduce  yourself, how to develop a conversation, how to deliver feedback, and how to accept criticism.  This interview was based on my recent book, Smart Talk: The Public Speaker’s Guide To Success in Every Situation.  I always enjoy talking about how to develop communication and networking skills.

Sometimes I’m not such a smart talker! I confess during the interview!

Specifically we discussed a few tips for more effective networking. I confess in this interview that I’m not the most comfortable when it comes to networking.  I reveal a few secrets that I personally follow to help me regain my comfort when at a networking event.   Diane Helbig, the interviewer has extensive experience with helping small business communicate better, so she also shared some very interesting ideas on how to introduce yourself and how to develop relationships at a networking event.

I also share communication skill tips to help you and your team to be more productive by discussing the concept of restorative feedback. Diane also asked about the difference between feedback and criticism.  We talk also talked about how to develop a trusting environment so that you can deliver regular weekly or even daily feedback that will be appreciated, acted on, and even desired.  In addition, I describe (I think for the first time in an interview) why I called it restorative feedback and why restorative feedback is something that every professional and every individual needs to receive and deliver if they want to progress in their career.

Listen to  my interview with Diane Helbig on her podcast, Accelerate Your Business Growth. Enjoy!



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