Work with me one-on-one

It’s amazing to me how many times someone will say to me, “I feel like I know you!”

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve heard me speak and or you’ve read my work and my words have resonated with you. Better yet, you achieved success because of what your read or heard.

Many people feel like they have made a personal connection with me would like for me to review a presentation, answer a question, or give advice on a particular situation. I try to respond to recurring questions by regularly developing new articles, podcast episodes, books, keynotes and workshops. In fact it helps me to create content that is relevant and pertinent to you (my audience).

However, some people want to work with me privately, one-on-one.  If you feel that having me work with you on your particular business or personal circumstances would be useful, I’d like to do that. In fact, it’s one of the things that I really enjoy doing.

Here are some topic areas that I have been able to provide value:

  • Creating and enhancing your marketing messages and developing your brand.
  • Helping you to responding concisely, smoothly and professionally during executive discussions.
  • Strengthening the impression you make.  Developing and enhancing your personal charisma.
  • Changing your story and the stories you tell so that it resonates with others.
  • Specific communication issue you’d like some assistance with (and you’d rather not have others know you are seeking help with).
  • Developing engaging and compelling presentations (sales and technical).
  • Enhancing your ability to respond to media.
  • Breaking into the world of professional speaking.  How to become a better speaker. Navigating the business of speaking.
  • Becoming a professional writer or podcaster.

However, I want to let you know upfront that my fees are not inexpensive (and I recognize this isn’t for everyone).

However,  if what you’re seeking help with is a good fit with my skill set, I guarantee you’ll gain enormous value. You will make significant improvements based on our working together. I guarantee it.  I only select individuals that I’m sure I can help. To be clear, the only thing I sell is my reputation and it’s important that if we choose to work together that I can guarantee your success.  If it’s not a good fit or my schedule doesn’t allow me to provide you with what you need, I promise to direct you to alternative resources.

So here’s the deal, as I mentioned, private individual consulting isn’t cheap.  So, please only request this if you strongly believe that, for you, this is a reasonable investment in terms of your career and with what’s at stake. In addition, depending on your goals, I need for you to be able to make a minimum commitment of your time. Communication issues can take some time to understand and to develop.

Although it’s nearly impossible to put a price on improved communication that leads to managing perceptions, maximizing sales, or enhancing leadership , my minimum fees range from $1,050-$2,050 depending on your goals. If after reading this you’re still interested, then please feel free to contact me.  Tell me more about your communication concerns and goals.  Together, we can explore if it seems like a good match, and then I can send you more details of how we might work together.


P.S.  If this is something you just can’t afford, but you still really would like to gain access to my insights and ideas, I encourage you to read everything I write, regularly listen to my podcasts, and to attend my speaking events.  That’s why I give away so much content for free or almost free (low cost books).  However, I receive so many emails asking for my personal help, I felt compelled to create something to address that need.