Training and Development

Professional training and development solutions address difficult and often costly communication issues.

Typically an engagement starts with a communication-based audit to better understand organizational strengths and weaknesses and to clearly identify the root cause of the presenting problem(s). A strategic plan, including a series of recommendations, is then developed. The resulting action plan is implemented, in coordination with the client, in an effort to achieve communication objectives–whether they be to modify perceptions, to maximize sales, or to enhance leadership.

LBM development plans have included new course development, in-person large and small group training, train-the-trainer courses, online training, and one-on-one training.

The best way to understand what we do is to provide a few examples of what we’ve done!

LBM  Case Studies – Large organization client

Hospital Needs Conflicts Resoltion Process To Improve Patient Outcomes

woman in hospital

A prestigious, well-known hospital contacted LBM because of serious operational issues resulting from interpersonal and interdepartmental conflicts. Operating in departmental silos prevented the hospital from delivering the coordinated care necessary to meet quality standards and resulted in poor patient outcomes.


A root-cause analysis was performed to determine the core communication issues impacting performance. Once key issues were identified, new evidence-based communication operating procedures were created to facilitate conflict resolution.  In addition, long-term interdepartmental communication training initiatives were created.  After delivering an initial interdepartmental kick-off program, a multi-year training plan was developed for client implementation.  This program was measured and resulted in improved interdepartmental communication, improved patient outcomes and improved patient flow.

Financial Institution Requires Improved Credibility To Maximize Sales


A medium-sized financial institution contacted LBM because highly-valued professionals were losing credibility with prospects due to poor communication skills.  Although technically savvy, several members of the research and development team were identified as lacking the needed enthusiasm and credibility to win the prospect’s trust during pre-sales presentations.

A pre-program survey identified needed professional developmental areas. A one-day custom training program was designed to help subject matter experts deliver stronger presentations, build credibility, increase enthusiasm, and close business. In addition, all participants were provided access to web-delivered presentation skills training (Powerful Presenter) to extend and enhance the training experience.  Finally select participants were provided one-on-one long-term just-in-time public speaking skills training. This custom program resulted in increased confidence and credibility both internally and externally for the subject matter experts, in addition, to improved sales numbers.

Biotech Firm Requests Improved Executive Communication To Establish Leadership


A growing biotech company contacted LBM in an effort to develop exceptional executive communication skills for senior research and development staff.

A pre-program assessment identified senior research team leaders from biology, chemistry, and translational medicine to participate in a two day hands-on custom workshop. The goals of the workshop were to learn to develop and deliver more effective  inter-departmental project updates as well as external technical partnering presentations.  In addition, select participants were provided just-in-time one-on-one presentation skills training and access to an online training course, Expert Presenter.

Technology Company  Requests Team Building to Modify Perceptions and Improve Productivity

A medium-sized technology company identified productivity loss due to perceived poor teamwork.

First, we identified and assessed team knowledge skills and attitudes which enabled team members to coordinate effectively. A train-the-trainer course was created and delivered to operational leaders to further develop the knowledge and skill competencies and to promote specific team attitude competencies. Tools were created to assess on a long-term basis.

LBM  Case Studies – Private one-on-one client

  • A junior visiting professor at a major academic institution requested help preparing for academic interviews including preparation for interviews (in the US and Europe), developing a chalk talk, and an engineering research presentation.
  • A chairman of the board of an extremely successful and well-known financial institution (who confessed that he had delegated public speaking his entire career) received help in making philanthropic speeches.
  • A beauty queen in the Miss USA system requests help with on-stage and off-stage interviewing techniques.
  • A modern orthodox synagogue president requests help for their rabbi to develop and deliver sermons.
  • A clinician researcher requested assistance for delivering a grand rounds presentation at Yale Univeristy.
  • A preacher requested assistance with developing more engaging sermons.
  • A tech start-up founder asked for assistance creating investor presentations.
  • A high school senior with Turret’s syndrome seeks assistance in preparation for college interviews.
  • A business development professional at a financial services firm seeks support in making client presentations.
  • A small business owner  requested help in better managing and motivating his team.
  • A senior leader at a private all-girls school requested assistance for developing better board presentations, delivering more motivational internal presentations, creating higher quality images, and developing stronger blog content.
  • An online marketing professional requested assistance with story development and webinar presentations.
  • A professional speaker (and an aspiring speaker) both wanted help business marketing and refining keynote addresses.
  • A postdoctorate biomedical researcher gets assistance with a job interview presentation at a major European food processing company.
  • A medical student requests help for an medical school research presentation contest. She wins contest (by a landslide) and pays LBM with funds she won. Hires again a few years later for community presentation at a women’s health conference.
  • A PhD candidate hires LBM to prepare for PhD dissertation defense.
  • A CEO from a mid-sized technology company seeks assistance with external media appearances and with internal motivational communication.
  • A lawyer seeks assistance with courtroom communications.
  • A clinician who recently started a new research foundation requests long-term help with scientific grand round presentations, with funding presentations to pharmaceuticals, and presentations to the general community.

These selected clients illustrate the very wide variety of professionals that have requested one-on-one training/coaching.