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Quirky, entertaining and informative, Science Update is a daily, 60-second feature audio podcast covering the latest discoveries in science, technology and medicine. Produced as a “radio” series since 1988 Science Update has reported on thousands of scientific and medical breakthroughs—and won dozens of national awards in the process.

Tip: When listening to these podcasts you’ll want to listen for the techniques they use for interesting effective opening attention getters that directly relate to the main idea presented. Listen for analogies, examples, surprising statements, quotes, statistics, and stories. Which ones did you like and why? Can you apply these same techniques for the opening of your presentations?

Go to: to listen to a few.

Do you want to learn more? Sign up for the next small group presentation skills workshop, consider one-on-one coaching, or ask your organization to sponsor a large group seminar. Afterall, you didn’t learn to ride a bike by reading a book–you needed an expert coach (your Dad) to show you how to do it and then you needed lots of encouragement and practice, right?

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Bob Hirshon

Thanks for spreading the word! We really appreciate it.
Bob Hirshon, Host
Science Update
American Association for the Advancement of Science

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