Introduction to Expert Presenter Workshop

I hope you’ll indulge me! I spent all day working on this introduction (when I should have been reviewing contracts and sending out invoices!). As you may know, I am a “one-man-band” (a sole proprietor) which means I never have anyone sitting near my desk (except when I am working at Panera Bread – my “home away from home” office) to ask, “Hey, how does this look? Got any ideas?”

I would be VERY GRATEFUL for YOUR comments, suggestions, improvements.

Really! Both bad and good. I am not creative, or an artist, or videographer or regular vlogger so this was a BIG step for me! I would be delighted to hear what you have to say. Either post your comments here or send me an email if you don’t want them public.

Come on…really, take a minute to give me some feedback! I can take it!

By the way…Expert Presenter is the six week internet delivered workshop that I have been developing. At this point I have all the text created (well, almost all, I keep thinking of new stuff to add, but a year is long enough!) and now I am the process of audio recording the learning modules. I plan to add in a bit more video, similar to what I created today, but with less “fluff” in the beginning.

Right now, the New York Academy of Science in interested in co-branding (and selling) this internet delivered public speaking workshop for life sciences professionals. The idea is provide a low cost alternative to in-person training that still maintains quality AND most importantly, allows professionals to take the training at the bench via their computer or IPod (or any MP3 player). We plan to offer an option for in-person group coaching for graduates in different cities across the world.

Again, if you have thoughts or ideas on this, I’m all ears. I really hope you’ll take a minute to write.

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