2011 Social Media Goals

I wrote a two part program on creating a success online presence.  I asked you to review my social media checklist to see if your social media profile is leaving a positive impression.

How to Manage Your Online Presence

9 Ways to Create a Successful Online Presence (link coming…)

In this program I mention that as social media is maturing, we are all learning more and more.  As our knowledge is expanding, so should our goals.

Here are some of my 2011 social media goals and some quick thoughts on how I might achieve them. This isn’t my exhaustive plan, it’s just my five-minute brainstorming list that I used to get me thinking in the right direction and to help develop my social media / online presence plan.

I posted it here becuase I thought it might be good inspiration for you.

  1. Expand my reach through more engagement while maintaining my brand

– Have “superfans” seed a viral campaign
– Create a presence through video expansion on YouTube, Viddler (possible sell video via storefront)
– Increase number of followers (with “real” fans, not just increase numbers)
– Engage fans more frequently (with contests, giveaways, asking for opinion, etc.)
– Create a Squidoo hub page or two
– Actively engage in guest blogging
– Comment more on appropriate blog sites
– Differentiate my Twitter posts, from FB, from Linked In, from Newsletter, from blogs….clarify goals and plans here
– Translate and modify current podcast for Hispanic market
– Further develop book companion sites via search to drive book sales

  1. Measure and Analyze Social Media Efforts

– Add landing tab that encourages like
– Set up Google analytic goals for FB page
– Allow buying to occur from FB page
– Track approaches to
– Annotate marketing and PR campaigns and blog posts on Google Analytics to measure activities
– Set up sales funnel and tracking
– Experiment with FB ads, Linkedin ads
– Integrate with autoresponder tool (aweber)
– Measure results of guest blogging via traffic
– Measure results of guest blogging via key word search
– Increase my length of stay on my webpage via improved search friendly posts and improved meta tag and through inter-linking

What are you thinking about in terms of your social media goals? Have your created your 2011 plan?  What will you be communicating?  What do you want to achieve?

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