Be Confident At Christmas Parties

A Gift For You and Me

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I love holiday time, especially when I receive a surprise gift.  Today, I got a Google Alert that let me know Erin Kelly included me in a short article she wrote for Psychologies (it’s a big magazine in UK and other European countries).

Of course, I was honored to be included in this short piece on how to be confident at holiday parties.  However, I was even more excited because of the writer.  In addition to being a journalist, Erin Kelly is a very successful author of psychological thrillers.  She’s written: The Burning Air, The Poison Tree and The Dark Rose.  She’s got a new one coming out next May, The Ties That Bind.

What a thrill for me (in more than one way)!


Here’s the piece that she wrote for the Psychologies magazine.  Thanks Erin!


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