Help for the pre-professional (free training!)

Here’s a great link for all of the “pre-professionals” reading this blog. There are a number of free workshops available for viewing including topics such as:

  • Applying to Medical School: Preparing for the MCAT
  • Career Counseling Workshop: Planning for Career Satisfaction and Success
  • CV and Resume Writing: Preparing Effective Job Search Correspondence
  • Getting the Most Out of a Job Fair
  • Applying for an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Science Policy: Shaping the Role of Science in Society

There are many more workshops and they often include not only the slides, but also audio and video recordings. Check it out. Some good stuff! If you view one, leave a comment on the quality below.

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Lisa B. Marshall

The link works now! Sorry about that. Thanks to everyone that took the time to write me!

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