Free Photoshop Course

A basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop is definitely a skill needed for the science professional.

Did you know that HP offers a free online course for Adobe Photoshop? The  course has gotten some good feedback, so if you want to learn or brush-up on your skills this is good resource.

The course is designed primarily for Adobe Photoshop CS2. Although Adobe has come up with the latest CS3, the course includes fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop and you could benefit even if you are a CS3 user.

The course is built in 4 segments:

1. Lesson 1 – organizing with Bridge and cropping images. This also shows how to use EXIF and layers. More importantly this focuses on the various types of selections and cropping that is possible with Photoshop.

2. Lesson 2 – this segment of the online training on Photoshop CS2 focuses on color correction, tonal corrections and lighting. It briefly touches on the auto correction features in Adobe Photoshop as well as creative lighting techniques possible with Adobe Photoshop CS2.

3. Lesson 3 – this lesson concentrates on corrections that are so commonly used by all photographers. It includes red-eye correction, noise correction and sharpening an image.

4. Lesson 4 – this lesson has more to do with the final look and feel of your picture. It shows a few uses of the special effects filter and the vignetting effects that are possible with Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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