Examples of Pecha Kucha

Are you wondering what Pecha Kucha is exactly?

You should check out this great video presentation that explains Pecha Kucha and demonstrates it done by Allison Lewis of Spiral Training & Associates Ltd. There’s also another somewhat “famous” example of Pecha Kucha by Daniel PInk (Wired Magazine). If you are really interested you might read this post about Pecha Kucha from Garr Reynold’s blog.

Of course, I’d prefer you listen to my podcast this week (Hoochy Coochy? No. It’s Pecha Kucha!) on The Public Speaker, I also talk what Pecha Kucha (and Ignite) are but more importantly I talk about the pros and cons of these presentation formats. If you haven’t listened to the show, go ahead, it’s only about 7 minutes. (I’ll wait…<wink>)

In a nutshell, the talks that use this format are quick (5-6 minutes), concise and if they are good, use great images. I highly recommend giving this technique a try; even if only to strengthen and build your presentation skills.

In this blog, I wanted to give you an opportunity to see it for yourself. Keep in mind each one is only six minutes and 40 seconds long. By the way in my other blog, Art of Speaking Science, I provide examples of Ignite presentations.

The first presentation come from a designer. Pecha Kucha was originally created with this group in mind so I thought it would be good see that first. Here it is. The sound isn’t that good, but it’s one of the better examples of Pecha Kucha that I have seen online.

This next one is from a artist. It doesn’t follow the time limit, but it still is a Pecha Kucha style presentation. I liked this one because the animations make the images more dynamic. It’s interesting content too for designers and artists.

This last one below from Rahul Nath, a guy who got creative about asking for work. He created his industrial design portfolio using Pecha Kucha. He shows off his work, then asks for work. I thought I’d help him out by posting it here too. Maybe one of you will need him for a project?

I hope you enjoyed watching these and I hope that you might have picked up an idea or two about making your presentations better or how you might be able to use Pecha Kucha for one of your projects that you are working on.

Maybe I’ve even motivated you to give it a try? I hope so.  Tell us about your Pecha Kucha experiences.

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