How to Handle the Difficult Media Questions

Last week and this week on The Public Speaker, I talked about handling difficult media questions.  The truth is that I myself wanted to get the perspective of other communication professionals because handling difficult questions can be controversial.  I decided to contact two publicists to get more information.

I spoke with Helen Coronato and I also spoke with Jess Todtfelt.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake with my recording system ended up only with one the recording from Helen Coronato.  It’s a shame because Jess was really a great interview.  I’m hoping to interview him again in the future. (I’ve contacted Google and I **may** be able to get my recording after all! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.)

Anyway, after I talked with both Helen and Jess, I realized that we were all on the same page. In fact, we all agreed how to handle difficult media questions.  Of course, we each had our unique way of expressing the ideas, but overall we delivering the same messages.

With Helen Coronato I asked about how to handle loaded questions, leading questions, jargonistic questions, chummy questions, speculative questions, and more.   If you are planning any sort of media interview, I highly recommend you listen to the entire interview on handling difficult media questions.  She gives practical guidance to help the beginning navigate the media with grace and credibility.

By the way, I’ll  be working with Helen again in September as part of the Power Lunch Telesummit

In this telephone seminar, you  will learn specific action steps for better branding yourself and your business to increase visibility, attract more clients and make more money. Tips and strategies shared will be straight forward and immediately implementable.

Who is involved? (I’m glad you asked! <smile>)

Suzanne Evans
Action Expert
Identifying who needs you most so you can stop wasting time and start making more money

Ilise Benun
Marketing Mentor
How and where to find prospects so your business grows in the right direction

Lara Galloway
The Mom Biz Coach
Using Twitter as a tool for building your brand and meeting your ideal client

Lisa Marshall aka The Public Speaker
Communication Expert
Quick and dirty tips for image and in-person communication so you can make the most of networking opportunities

Helen Coronato
The Weekend Publicist
Using press and media to gain valuable and profitable visibility for your business

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