How To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

Last year Chris Brogan talked about the elements of a good LinkedIn recommendation.  Of course, I have my own thoughts on this.  So, this week on The Public Speaker I talk about how to write better LinkedIn recommendations.  Here are the highlights but if you’d like to listen to the full details go here :

  • Don’t write generic recommendations that have no content or meat to them.
  • Write genuine and sincere recommendations for the work of professionals that you have experienced.
  • For business owners, focus on what they do and what makes them different or the best.
  • For colleagues, focus on transferable skills
  • If you feel strongly about the person include a call to action.
  • Use details and examples that allow readers to experience the person’s personal brand
  • Follow the rules of threes
  • Keep the recommendation 60-100 words
  • Choose descriptive adjectives that are somewhat unusual

Finally, I think the best way to learn how to write good recommendations is to read a bunch of good examples.  The easiest way to do that is to read several of the many recommendations that Chris Brogan has written.

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