Confidence & Passion Defined

Here’s how we all should be when we perform on stage!

My favorite part is when she is being interviewed before the performance and she says with strong confidence “I’m going to MAKE that audience ROCK!!”

She sure did!  Wow.

Cross Cultural Faux Pas Stories

This week on The Public Speaker, I talk about cross-cultural communication. I explain a model of communication that was developed by an anthropologist named Edward Hall. He talked about the idea of high- and low-context communication cultures. Hall said that in high-context communication, in general, many things are left unsaid.

Breathing Exercises

Was does African drumming, Mexican folk dancing, roller exercise, and chanting have in common?

Each of these were classes that I took at a beautiful health spa in Mexico.

Perhaps the most surprising class was the chanting class, which included a lot of time discussing breathing.

What if you can't pronounce their name?

After a recent seminar, a participant asked me the following…

“Can you tell me what to do if I don’t know how to pronounce someone’s name. For example when I am referring to their work in a presentation and when I meet someone in person?”

I think it might be better to refer this to a manner’s expert, but I’ll give it a shot.

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