Cute baby pictures mess with your brain! Find out how!

It’s true. Cute baby pictures can make your brain feel like you’re on drugs! Really.

I keep THE MOST adorable baby picture of my twins on all of my devices and I also keep a hard copy of the image in my wallet. I’ve been doing this for years. Most people keep pictures of their kids with them because they love their children. Well, of course I love them, but I put the pictures there for a different reason.

I like what it does to my brain! In fact, I’m addicted–well, sort of.

Check out this video to learn about why our brains love pictures of cute things–especially our own children.

So, now that you’ve watched the video, I’ll admit it…I keep the image of my twin baby girls to help me “fake it” when I need it. Meaning, I look at the picture, get all warm and cuddly inside and out, then I stick my hand out to meet someone new. They think my “gushing” is for them but my brain knows it’s really for my cute darling babies!

In my seminars I’ve been talking about this research for years. I even mention it in my latest book, Smart Talk. Our brains are amazing!

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Cata —

Thank you Lisa. That’s really a good idea. Myself I carry on my pocket all the time my daughter’s picture and her picture is the screen on my mobile phones. On my desktop, too, I have her picture all the time in front of my eyes. Yes, it’s true. A picture with our kids helps us all the time to be more motivated, to feel better, and how you said .. to make others that the feeling is because of them. Smile. Have a nice day Lisa. 

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