Public Speaking

Award winning poster presentation

After a recent seminar, Despina, stayed afterward to share some exciting news. I remembered Despina, she had attended a Poster Presentation Workshop the year before.

Secrets to sounding conversational

A recent client of mine asked me the following…
“Can you help me put together a word list of “small” words to help me sound more conversational. Since my first language isn’t English, often we have very little conversational practice and instead focus on the formal written structures. So I need some help to know which words I should use to sound more conversational.

How many slides?

Answers to your questions! Submit one today.

Q: How many slides do I use for a ten minute presentation?
A: It depends. Read on for the details.

If you ask a general presentation skills “pundit” you are likely to hear the rule of thumb that says “one slide per minute”. Even some suggest up to as many as 3 slides per minute.

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