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Public Speaking Tips for Sheryl Sandberg

I recently read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, so I went back to re-watch her 2010 TED talk called, Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders.  In this talk she talks about why, despite our pride of the increased number of women leaders, we don’t have nearly enough females who are taking the lead in almost any field. She also offers some advice to remedy this situation.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This week, I watched the TED talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek. He is the author of Start With Why. The message of his talk aligns exactly with the title of his book. He asserts that successful companies not only understand why they do what they do, but also they successfully communicate that why to both customers and prospects.

Free images for your content

This summer, I’ve been helping my daughters Ariana and Daniela (and my intern Tian Hai) to learn how to create a website. I found it funny that the first question that each of them had was, “How do I find images that I can use on my website?”

Before I answered,  I felt the need to discuss copyright and creative commons.

Tale of Two Interviews – Which is better?

Since January I’ve been doing radio and podcast interviews in an effort to promote my new book, Smart Talk. I’ve also written episodes of The Public Speaker that discuss how to conduct an interview (as the interviewer) and how to deliver an interview (as the interviewee). I prefer to be the one that conducts interviews but I also enjoy delivering interviews.

Cute baby pictures mess with your brain! Find out how!

It’s true. Cute baby pictures can make your brain feel like you’re on drugs! Really.

I keep THE MOST adorable baby picture of my twins on all of my devices and I also keep a hard copy of the image in my wallet. I’ve been doing this for years. Most people keep pictures of their kids with them because they love their children.

Presenting Data Better

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler.” – Einstein

Recently I’ve noticed more and more infographics being used on blog sites, however, I’m still seeing too many executive presentations that present data in text form only and research presentations that contain excessive data that does not directly support the main point being made.

Example of a Powerful Business Story

I’ve written many posts on how to tell a powerful story. When we hear a good story we are moved, literally, moved to action. Listen to this example from a very large brand. This is great example of how business professionals can use story.

1. Did you notice how the music in the beginning was an attention getter and at the same time provided the setting?

How to Use Simple Images For Complex Ideas

This clip was featured on Google today. I thought it was a great way to show how simple images can explain complex topics. It used several metaphors to explain things again, a good tool for explaining complex concepts. I’ve seen this technique before used for storytelling and for converting teleseminars into presentations.

Now if I only could draw well enough! Enjoy the clip.

How to Use Humor During A Presentation Disaster

Here’s a great example of how to use humor when a presentation disaster occurs. Notice he stays calm, cool, and continues on…

How To Develp A Conversational Style of Language

Recently I received the following email.  I responded with an email then I went ahead and wrote two more episodes of The Public Speaker.

Hi Lisa,

I really like your post on Quick and Dirty Tips about How to Sound Conversational. I particularly like the example you gave.

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