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3) Repurposing Presentations: Organize into Mini-Presentations

Repurposing, Reusing Digital Content

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Develop Core Messages

Step 3: Organize Content Into Mini-Presentations

The next step is to consider the organization of the content. Highly compartmentalized organization of your content is critical for re-purposing. Here’s where strong organization is critical.

In general, I always suggest breaking up presentations of any length into mini-presentations.

2) Repurposing Presentations: Develop Core Messages

Step 1: Set Goals

Step 2: Develop Core Messages

By starting with your goals, you are then able to plan the best way to meet those goals with your content.  In our case study, the physician wanted to persuade woman to get regular health screenings.

1) Repurposing Presentations: Set Goals

Step 1: Set Goals

The first step for all presentations is to set your goals. Your process for presentation creation should always start by asking yourself, “What is it that you want your audience to say, know, or do differently as a result of hearing you speak?”

The answer to that question will help you create and keep you focused on your main message.

How to Repurpose a PowerPoint Presentation

Marketing Digital Content Repurposing

My family makes fun of me becuase I like to reuse stuff around the house.  For example, I collect our cereal boxes and use them for crafts for the kids. And I also collect the lint from the dryer and put it in toilet paper tubes.

Best Way to Improve When English Isn't Your First Language

From listener Kelvin from Hong Kong…

Q: I am living and working in HK and English is my second language (Cantonese and putonghua are my primary languages) and I believe “listen more, speak more and write more” can improve my skills.

What to do if CEO points out YOUR mistake?

As part of The Public Speaker,  I did an episode on recovering from a communication blunder. In it I mention a time that my CEO pointed out a mistake I had made.

Today I read this short article.

Help! The CEO Found a Huge Error in my Sales Presentation!

I thought he had good common sense advice.

How to be a Better Storyteller

Update (10/204):  I created this slide share about storytelling.  It’s very popular, so I thought I would post it here too.

Are you another boring storyteller? from Lisa Marshall

If you want to learn how to tell better stories and make better presentations, why not learn from the best!  From Hollywood storytellers –filmmakers.

The Truth About the PodCast Awards

A listener recently said to me, “Ah, I’m glad to hear that you are in it to win it!”  I’d never heard that phrase before, but it’s true.
I’m in it to win it. I’d love to win in the education category of the 2010 Podcast Awards.

But, I’m not going to be able to win without your help.

How To Expand Your Business Through Public Speaking

Public speaking is a great way to affordably target and reach your ‘ideal prospect’. Public speaking allows both entrepreneurs and corporations to build personal relationships with potential customers.  Freely sharing your expertise builds credibility and desire to work with you before the discussion ever moves to price. Remember, prospects are looking for expert information.

Our 'Thanks-Giving' Contest Starts Monday Nov. 15

The Lisa B. Team are so thankful for the many listeners out there, that we want to make you a star in our upcoming ‘Thanks-Giving’ contest. Get it? It’s the thanks from us to you and giving you the chance to shine! Yes, we thought it was pretty clever ourselves […]

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