Developing Leadership Through Reading

Reading Is A Great Way Learn Leadership
I think one of the best ways (and most inexpensive ways) to develop your leadership skills is through books and podcasts. I love learning new things. For me, though it’s particularly great when I am able to apply what I’ve learned and I see a positive result!

That’s why I love Jeff Brown’s new podcast, Read to Lead.

Public Speaking Lessons from Candy Chang

Although talking about death is generally considered taboo, this TED talk from Candy Chang, titled, Before I Die, I Want To… was an inspiration. She explained  the powerful way that death clarifies life and through her art, she wanted to bring that same clarity to her local community.

For sure, piece of cake…Don’t use idioms

Tian, the intern, has been pointing out my language choices these past few weeks. It’s kind of odd, I feel like my word choices have been put under a microscope. It’s interesting I’ve spent considerable amount of time living with non-native speakers but this was the first time I ever realized just how many times i use idioms in my everyday speech.

Board Meeting Presentation Template

Last week on The Public Speaker blog, I mentioned a template that I use for board meetings.  In the comments of the blog post, one of the listeners asked that I post the template. That image above is the template.  It’s just a quick way to conceptualize how concise a board meeting presentation needs to be.

What Technology Do You Need?

Below is an answer I’ve sent to many people regarding what technology is needed for audio  production. I am NOT an expert in this area–this is just what I have learned through my experience.

Recently I’ve started dabbling in videos so I’ve been learning more about that.  I thought it was time to update the post with some video recommendations.

Improve Your Performance. Achieve Your Goals.

Now you can get your professional development delivered directly to your printer.  Get bite-sized briefings that you can read in a just a few minutes.  These brief bulletins help you build your reputation as a positive, inspiring, compelling communicator and can help you turn a miserable workplace into a healthy, productive, happy place to be.

Behavioral-based Intervew Questions

When I was graduating from college Exxon Mobile (at the time Mobile Oil) was training their managers in behavioral-based interviewing. They needed practice candidate so they came onto campus to give young college students (like myself) a chance.
I needed practice interviewing so I went to the classroom to practice.

Brand Icons and Social Media

I can’t remember many brand icons from my childhood, but I do remember one that was “Grrrrrreat”…of course that was “Tony the Tiger”…ah the days of simplicity. Today, we are seeing a resurgence of brand icons and they are ‘not your fathers’s’ icons.

Today’s icons are far more complex and multi-dimensional. They have facebook pages and Twitter profiles.

Does Your Dog Do Tricks?

First, I’m writing a short episode on things you can learn from your pet about communication. If you’ve got an idea on this, please post it to the comments.

Second, if your dog does tricks, take a pic and enter the Quick and Dirty Tips Sweepstakes. Here’s the link with more details…

Nelson Mandela Speech Example

This week I mentioned speeches by Nelson Mandela.  I thought I’d include it here for inspiration!


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