I Have A Dream Speech

I mentioned this speech this week on the show.  I mention it frequently and thought it would be great to include it on my site.  For inspiration!


Examples of Keynote Speeches

What makes a keynote speech different from any other type of speech?

It’s motivational or inspiring
It’ s emotional
It’s pragmatic
It’s humorous
It’s  FULL of stories
It’s s energetic
It repeats a simple message or call to action
It’s customized for each particular audience

Here is an examples of keynote speeches that follow most  of the rules above.

How To Greet Someone

I saw this video today…I thought it was humorous (warning: a little off color…)

I am thinking of attempting to make some videos similar to these. What do you think? Too big a stretch? Too far from my brand? I’d love to hear what you think.


Interview / Podcast Release Form

First an important dose of legalese:


I make no representations or warranties as to whether or not this process of release authorization is considered enforceable. Use it at your own risk.

The information in this document is for informational purposes only. In other words, I am not a lawyer. So that would also mean I am not your lawyer, because again, I’m not a lawyer.

Tell Us About Your Communication Challenge and Win!

Here’s a chance to strut your stuff!!
Did you learn something from me? Do you now you feel new or improved?

1. Post your communication challenge to your blog, facebook page, or twitter account that explains. Tell what you learned from Lisa and why/how it helped you. Be sure to includes a link back to

2. Then post the link to you posting in the comments below.

Unbelievable and Incredible

This year I decided to invest in publicity training. I went with training from Steve Harrison over at Bradley Communications and so far I have been very impressed with the training.  (I was a HUGE skeptic and fully expected that I would be asking for a refund!)

I’m happy to report that, so far, I’ve been delighted with training.

How to Learn More About Storytelling

Q: I want more knowledge about telling stories.  Like you explain in your podcast – the rule of three, how to open and close with the same topic, how to tell things as a story with suspension…

How much do Public Speakers Make?

Every wondered how much professional speaker’s charge for a keynote speech? I saw a post recently that listed some. I thought you might be interested to see…besides their public speaking fees makes MY keynote fee seem VERY REASONABLE!!!

I know, I know, I’m no Donald Trump–but, hey I am “The Public Speaker” <smile>

Here are examples one-hour keynote fees:

Donald Trump /  $1-1.

2011 Social Media Goals

I wrote a two part program on creating a success online presence.  I asked you to review my social media checklist to see if your social media profile is leaving a positive impression.

How to Manage Your Online Presence
9 Ways to Create a Successful Online Presence (link coming…)
In this program I mention that as social media is maturing, we are all learning more and more.

What to Say on Twitter – An example

Today I saw this twitter message. I thought it was a great example of communicating effectively on Twitter.

John Zajaros 6:46am

Got a call last night from a client.

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